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It is an ecotourism, agricultural, livestock farm, with poultry and fish farming facilities, located in a quiet and safe place in the so-called green and ecological area of ​​the municipality of Palmira, it is a cozy place for its climate and natural environment that surrounds it, excellent place to disconnect, relax, and recover in harmony with nature; It is also an excellent place for spiritual retreats. All areas are surrounded by green fields energized by the sound of water and the murmur of nature, all this and the freshness of its nights will make your dream an unforgettable and restorative experience, it has a great panoramic view of Valle del Cauca with incredible sunsets. THE MAIN HOUSE HAS:


  • Adult capacity for 42 people pernotando in 8 large bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, built area 735 square meters. Includes 4 standard rooms, 1 luxurious double master bedroom suite type with TV on the second floor with large bathroom, yacusi, walking closet and sauna, 1 room on the second floor attic type, 1 extra-large room on the second floor 1 separate king-size upper bedroom for young people.

  • Demarcated camping areas for up to 70 people.

  • Kitchen with its equipment, fridges, stoves, one of which is semi-industrial, barbecue, wood burner with fireplace, and laundry room.

  • WIFI areas, large screen TV with DTT and NETFLIX TV in the main meeting room.


  • Internal indoor parking, and external.


  • A viewpoint with a panoramic view of the Valley which has an outside bathroom, a dance floor with a fridge for drinks, a stereo, karaoke, and 2 rooms on the ground floor that are used as loundry and a reflux room.


  • A swimming pool with its kiosk.


  • A lake with a waterfall in which you can bathe, with LED light, a kiosk to rest and listen to music, and a campfire with seats around it in colonial wood.


  • 26 squares of wooded land for walks and other activities.


  • Micro-soccer and volleyball court on grass.


  • Toad game, pool billiards and billiards.


  • Large children's play area.


  • A soccer field for public use located in front of the main entrance of the farm.


  • The rural area has a large number of walkable trails and ecological trails where you can enjoy a formidable walk and the beautiful natural environment it inhabits, the neighborhood is very friendly and there are shops nearby where you can shop. In front of the main entrance to the farm, the famous vehicles called chivas and other vehicles for public use that can transport you to and from the city of Palmira in case you do not have a private vehicle pass as transport. There are currently guides knowledgeable about the region who are in charge of promoting tourism in the area.


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LOCATION: It is located in the La Quisquina village, Potrerillo district, Palmira municipality, Valle del Cauca department, Republic of Colombia, at a distance of 18 kilometers from the city, 17 of which are on paved roads. The average journey time is 30 minutes. There are currently studies for the total paving of this road to the upper part of the mountain range at the site called La Nevera. The distance from the center of Cali is 48 kilometers and an approximate journey of 1 hour.


CLIMATE AND TOPOGRAPHY: This path is a plateau that has an average altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, has an average temperature of 25 degrees, which makes its climate very pleasant and cool. Being on the edge of the slope, it has a spectacular panoramic view of the Valle del Cauca from the municipality of Buga to Jamundí. It has a large number of water sources, including the Los Chorros stream, which supplies its own aqueduct with water. It is the resting place of a large number of families from Palmira and surrounding municipalities.


LAND: This farm has an extension of 15.8 hectares (approximately 26 places) of land of which 3 hectares are flat land and the rest of hillside, 1 hectare in forests and fruit trees and the rest in paddocks for grazing cattle. It has water sources in the lower part and the upper part is supplied by its own aqueduct with four liters per second awarded by resolution No. 0721-00173 of June 29, 2007 by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CVC). Most of the fences are found with concrete posts and barbed wire with 500 linear meters.


MAIN HOUSE: It has 300 square meters of area built in brick, wooden ceiling and clay tile, which consists of 11 rooms, 7 bathrooms, integral and auxiliary kitchen with oven and wood stove, laundry room, dining room, round corridors, loft, loft, balcony, sauna room and tub with hydromassage system.


SECOND HOUSE: A home Cabin, 100 square meters of built area on wooden walls, ceiling in wood and clay tile, which has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen with electric stove and gas, hallway and laundry room .


CAMPING AREAS: For camping there is an extension of 26 squares of land in gardens, forests, orchards and paddocks with access to water and electricity, can locate tents near, around or away from the main house or cottage. There is room to park RV camping trailers.


CASA DEL AGREGADO: It has 90 square meters of area built in brick, metal roof with asbestos cement tile and clay tile which has two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, 1 bathroom, wood stove, 1 room for supplies and 1 room for tools.


MIRADOR: It is an open construction with a wooden roof and clay tile with a built area of ​​60 square meters with a panoramic view of the Valley, which constitutes it as the site of Social gatherings.


LOW VIEWPOINT: Under the slab of the gazebo structure there are two spaces of approximately 25 square meters each, which have their respective counters of concrete and polished granite and a sheet steel well which can be used as auxiliary kitchens or for storage.


SOCIAL BATHROOM: Near the viewpoint there is a sanitary battery consisting of a toilet, sink, shower and urinal which has a built area of ​​10 square meters.


CASETA DEL BILLAR : It has a built area of ​​30 square meters in brick and roof in wood and Colonial cement asbestos tile. Has a bathroom.


COVERED PARK: It has a constructed area of ​​30 square meters with a metal structure and a colonial cement asbestos tile. It has capacity for up to 2 vehicles.


DISCOVERED PARKING: Floor in ceramic paving and vehicular grass, has approximately 250 square meters and a capacity for up to 20 vehicles.


KIOSKS: They are hexagonal constructions of 10 square meters each. One located near the Pool and another near the Lake.


POOL: It has an area of ​​30 square meters tiled and round platforms in non-slip material.


L AGO: It has an area of ​​200 square meters in the form of an ellipse whose walls are built of exposed stone and the bottom in natural terrain and an average depth of 1.5 meters, which gives it a capacity of 300 cubic meters of water.


AQUEDUCT : It has an intake consisting of a transverse wall of 8 linear meters in concrete with its grid for capturing the bottom of the water, diverter box and 48 linear meters of 3-inch metal pipe to the desander tank. A 6.0 x1.5 x 1.8 meter desander tank built of reinforced concrete, a conduit network of 2,800 linear meters in 2.5-inch high-pressure PVC pipe which has a capacity of up to 6 liters per second.


IRRIGATION SYSTEMS: Pastures have irrigation through 300 linear meters of high pressure hose 1.5 inch and 0.5 inch pumps. There is a 4.0 meter x 1.2 meter x 1.5 meter desander tank built in reinforced concrete that takes the water from the lake and sediments to later be used for this purpose.


WATERFALL-TYPE DUCTS: They have a length of 60 linear meters and a width of 1.00 meters, which carry water from the arrival tank of the aqueduct to the lake for a difference of 20 meters, built in the form of reinforced concrete steps.


SIMPLE DUCTS : They have a length of 50 linear meters and a width of 0.30 meters which make the water circulate around the main house.


STONE WALLS : They were built from plain exposed stone as retaining walls which have an area of ​​approximately 250 square meters.


MESH ENCLOSURE: Constructed of 1.5-inch galvanized, 2-inch 12-gauge eye chain link, 4-course barbed wire. The tubes are anchored to the ground on 30 x 30 x 50 meter reinforced concrete pedestals. They are 1,350 linear meters of enclosure.


FENCES ON CONCRETE POSTS : They are built on reinforced concrete posts placed every 2.00 meters and 10 strands of barbed wire. With 500 linear meters of fences.


BALLOON FOR BIRDS : It has an area of ​​5 x 10 meters with capacity for 500 chickens. Its cover is in wood and Zinc tile, concrete floor and exterior enclosure in chicken coop mesh.


GARAGES : There are four spaces of 3 x 3 meters built on brick walls, concrete floors and zinc tile roofs that have capacity for about 40 pigs. Also, they have their own septic tank. Built area 36 square meters.


SHELVES: There are two 5 x 6 meter sheds for storing firewood and other materials. One of them has a concrete floor and the other on the ground. The ceilings are in wooden structure and zinc tile.


POCETA: Built on land in a circular shape of 6.00 meters in diameter and a depth of 1.2 meters, it is the site for waterfowl (ducks, geese, etc.).


CORRALES: Built on 5 x 5 inch posts and 2 x 5 inch beams of tar wood for handling cattle, they are approximately 300 meters of fence of this type.




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